Neuer Spiritusstab für Diabetiker (LD-001)

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  • Modell Nr.: LD-001
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  • Trademark: FASTAID
  • Packing: Carton
  • Standard: CE, FDA
  • Origin: China
  • HS Code: 3006100000
  • Production Capacity: 100, 000 PCS/Month

This Mini sterile alcohol rod has superior advantages than the normal prep pad. Become a ideal product used in diabete center, and hospital for pre-injection and after-injection.
Used with blood Glucose meter and lancing device, or syringes in hospital.
Its advantages than prep pad:
1. Package wall: Super-sealed and firm tube to avoid liquid volatilize, but prep pad has film wall, liquid will go out easily, pad will be dry, then Product's Curative effect disappear.
2. Storage: Two years or more, prep pad only storage half an year.
3. Liquid sealed method: Super-sealed thermoplastic macromolecule material
4. Usage package: Individual packed one-step easy follow. Snap into two parts, then use it. One step, one way. But prep pad need hand to tear it out then grasp to use it, bacteria will invade into body. Inconvenient use
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